- i Fiori di Barbi

The Event planner is a professional person who, whilst saving time and money follows you step by step in your decisions and helps you to make your dreams become reality. We don’t want to substitute you but we help you to choose from a selection of proposals.

Everybody has got an idea, it could be for an ordinary dinner, for a grand soiree, for an 18th birthday party or for a wedding. Our job is to understand your tastes and interpret them in the most appropriate way.

We collaborate with experts in all areas of: catering, floral decoration, dressmaking, gifts, locations and music.

Working with these great professionals we have turned many different events and weddings into very special occasions,

The professional and conscientious approach which we demonstrate towards our clients is often complemented by the natural collaboration which comes in organising the event.


And during the event we are always present to make sure everything is perfect.